Podcasts Are a Fantastic Way To Grow Your Business

Podcasts occupy a strange space in the Internet marketing mix. On the one hand, virtually everyone has downloaded a handful of podcasts, and possibly even thought about launching a series of their own. On the other hand, many business owners and marketers assume that podcasting is just for talking about personal hobbies or passions.

As it turns out, however, you can use podcasts to grow your business in a number of ways. Here are a handful of reasons you should think about giving it a try…

Podcasting is Fun

Let’s start with the biggest reason first. Podcasting is a lot of fun. Compared to the amount of effort and concentration it takes for most people to (for example) write a blog post, speaking into a microphone can be a relatively stress-free activity, especially if they are talking about an area of personal expertise. Over time, you might begin to look forward to releasing your podcast each week, not to mention seeing what kind of response you recording generates.

Podcasting Gives Your Message Another Dimension

Because podcasts can feel like one-on-one conversations to both the marketer and the listener, they tend to have more emotion and intimacy than something that’s written or pasted on an image would. In that way, they give your marketing message another dimension, because they allow the listener to connect with you as an individual rather than a marketing target. And, you get to accomplish all of that without going through the trouble of making an online video, which can be more expensive and time-consuming.

You Can Reach New Audiences by Podcasting

Because podcasts are distributed through the Apple Store and other major networks, they can open you up to an entirely new audience of listeners and potential buyers. In the same way that Google can help you reach customers who probably wouldn’t find you offline, your podcast can bring whatever you have to say to people who may not have discovered you on a different form.

Podcasts Feed Your Other Content (and Vice-Versa)

Once your podcast starts to be popular, you can expect that devoted listeners will check you out on social media, read your blog posts, and follow your YouTube channel. Naturally, traffic will flow the other way, too, with fans and followers from other mediums downloading your podcasts. The more ways you have to meet people online, the easier it is to build marketing momentum that becomes self-sustaining over time.

Podcasts Give a Huge Risk-to-Reward Payoff

It costs virtually nothing to start a podcast. Signup is free, and the only investment you might have to make is in a high-quality microphone, which shouldn’t set you back more than $100. If you get the knack of podcasting and reach a wide audience, though, it could lead to thousands of new followers, a much stronger content platform, and ultimately, dozens of new sales (or more) every single month. That’s a very high risk-to-reward ratio, given that you can probably record a good podcast in half an hour or less.

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