Episode 6

You Don’t Bring Me Value Anymore

February 21, 2023

Are the things you’re doing in your firm creating value for your clients, your employees, anyone? Or are they just things that you’ve been doing for a long time? Does anyone else have flashbacks to Google+?

In this episode, hosts Brian Jones and Patience Jones talk about the importance of evaluating where you’re spending your time and resources. If what you’re doing is delivering an identifiable benefit, great. If not, consider whether it could be revised. If not, think about jettisoning it.


  • How to evaluate social media for business growth
  • How to know if websites and platforms are successful
  • How to audit your presentation materials
  • How to determine the value of professional associations
  • What to do after you’ve done your evaluations

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As Built Ep. 6: You Don't Bring Me Value Anymore