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Launch a New Brand, Expand Services or Markets

Whether you’re launching a new company, offering a new service, opening a new location, or expanding into a new market, we help you establish a solid marketing foundation from day one. Below are some examples of businesses we’ve helped expand.
Case Study:

Financial Services Firm

When an established financial services firm wanted to attract younger clients, we provided a brand redesign that resonated with this audience without alienating longstanding clients. We also redesigned branded collateral to be more modern and memorable, including business cards, client intake packets, and employee recruitment materials. We created a new, mobile-responsive website with a modern design to reach prospective clients on mobile devices. The site includes a content management system (CMS) so that the firm’s internal staff can update content to keep prospective clients engaged. Legacy clients love the changes and new clients have cited the new look and website among the reasons for their initial contact with the firm.
Case Study:

Architecture Firm

To reflect a leadership change, we transitioned a well-known architecture firm into a new entity with a new name, brand, and voice. We carefully positioned the firm to take advantage of its multi-decade history while also focusing on its future and expanded offerings. We created a transition plan to announce the change to clients, vendors, and press, and provided messaging for firm staff for various stages of the transition. To ramp up awareness quickly, we focused on SEO, social media, and non-traditional advertising efforts. Not only did the firm not lose market share because of the transition, but they improved their standing. In one year, we increased site traffic by 1,589% with a 3% conversion.