Case Study:
Better Brand Awareness


A long-standing architecture firm was faced with an unexpected leadership transition. The firm needed to rebrand with minimal disruption to its current clients while also growing brand awareness among new clients.


Establish a new name and brand identity for the firm, help current clients feel confident during the transition, and attract new clients – all while the firm delivers a full workload with reduced staff.


We carefully positioned the firm to take advantage of its multi-decade history while also focusing on its future and expanded offerings. We developed a transition plan to announce the change to clients, vendors, and press, and provided messaging for firm staff for various stages of the transition. To ramp up awareness quickly, we focused on SEO, social media, and non-traditional advertising efforts. We also created content, including blog posts and books, that helped new markets understand the firm’s unique value proposition. By turning this challenge into an opportunity, the firm actually grew market share from the transition.


Within one year, the firm saw a 1,589% increase in website traffic with a 3% conversion rate,  a 40% organic increase in relevant search engine keywords, earned media and press coverage, a 60% increase in social media following, and an influx of high-value leads from new markets.

Services Provided:

  • Marketing and Sales Strategy

  • Sales Funnel Development

  • Lead Generation

  • Content Creation

  • Analytics & Reporting

  • SEO

  • Website Design & Development

  • Social Media Management

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