Marketing Watt: The Marketing Platform That Helps Your Business Reach the Next Level

Other marketing platforms only tell you what’s already happened.

Marketing Watt tells you what to do next.

Marketing Watt is designed to help clients do more with their marketing. It prioritizes marketing efforts and recommends tactics based on your specific business goals. 

Marketing Watt also empowers clients to directly request marketing support through the platform, so you can accomplish what you need to no matter what your internal resources are.

With Marketing Watt, you can:


  • View all of your digital marketing in one place
  • Integrate your existing marketing channels
  • See how components of your marketing strategy are working together – or aren’t
  • Assign and project manage marketing tasks
  • Measure marketing ROI
  • Web-based

  • Easy-to-read and exportable reports

  • Streamlined interface

  • Robust APIs

Marketing Watt is for:

Large firms: Ensure you’re getting a return on the investment of your marketing department

Mid-sized firms: Identify and augment skills gaps in your marketing team

Small firms: Meet your marketing needs and business goals without hiring additional employees

Marketing Watt: A unique marketing solution for your unique business.

Each of our clients receives a Marketing Watt subscription as part of their onboarding.

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