Why You Need a Good SEO Audit

If you are having trouble ranking on Google, and want to get your search engine optimization efforts back on track, a good SEO audit is the first step. A lot of business owners don’t realize this, either because they aren’t sure what’s included in a search audit, or feel like they’re in a rush to jump in and “do” something quickly.

But, it’s always good to look before you leap, and that’s exactly what an SEO audit is all about. It’s a way to analyze your website, your content, and even your competitors to see where your strengths and weaknesses are, not to mention where you are likely to find success going forward.

A good SEO audit can be invaluable to the success of your website. Here are a few of the most important reasons why…

You Might be Focused on the Wrong Keywords

It’s not unusual, during an in-depth search engine optimization audit, to discover that a client is focusing on the wrong keywords or search terms to attract customers. If you aren’t targeting the right audience, then it doesn’t matter how much SEO you do or pay for, because it’s not going to lead you towards the right set of results.

Common Errors Can Kill Your Search Position

Achieving a high ranking on Google isn’t just about using the right terms and getting inbound links. It also means organizing your website in the right way, and avoiding common errors like slow page loading times, broken links, and duplicated content being shared between different websites or pages. Any of these problems can destroy your search visibility, and they can all be found during a routine search audit.

You Could be Missing Out on Conversions

While the biggest part of your search engine optimization audit will be devoted to strategies designed to make you more visible on Google, it’s also worth looking into your analytics to be sure you’re doing a good job of generating conversions. If you’re getting traffic, but not customers, then you’re wasting a lot of time and money with no payoff.

Do You Know What Your Competitors are Doing?

When it comes to search engine optimization, a lot of businesses don’t really know what they’re up against. They aren’t sure who their competitors really are, or what they need to do to catch them. During the search audit process, we can evaluate other businesses in your area and industry to see how you stack up.

SEO Audits are About Planning and Efficiency

A good SEO audit forms the basis for a plan you can use to start improving your website in numerous ways, and ultimately strengthening your bottom line. Without that kind of plan, you can only guess at the best way forward. It’s always better to be working with more information than less when time and money on the line, especially if you’re trying to catch up with competitors who have a head start on Google.

A search engine optimization audit could be the first step towards helping customers find you on the Internet. 


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