Does Your Marketing Take a Summer Vacation?

The business of internet marketing never sleeps, but it does seem to rest its eyes a bit over the summer. That’s only natural: As the weather gets warmer, and people take more vacations, the enthusiasm for projects like revamping layouts, generating new content, and revising pay-per-click campaigns starts to wane.

But does that mean you should let your website take a summer vacation? Is it a foregone conclusion that your business has to slow down during the middle of the year?

We don’t think so. While it’s likely that some of the activity on your website will taper off as temperatures rise, that doesn’t mean you should ignore your web presence completely. In fact, there are a lot of things that are easier to do during the summer that can pay off in big ways later.

Here are just a few of them you might want to consider…

Update Your Automation

You might find yourself working different hours during the summer, and it’s almost guaranteed that some of your customers will. Additionally, you might not have as much coverage in the office as you normally do, meaning customer calls and requests may be handled slowly.

Knowing that, why not add a few features to your website that let your clients change account details, check up on their orders, or schedule things like service calls? Doing so could be a real timesaver for you and for them.

Get Ahead of the Competition

If you consider the summer to be a slow time in your business, then your competitors probably do, too. That means they are very unlikely to be making upgrades to their website, much less posting new content to their blogs and social profiles. It also means that if you can do those things while they aren’t, you might be able to catch up – or pull far ahead – in terms of developing search visibility and a social following.

So much of online marketing success comes down to working just a little harder and smarter than the competition. Staying active online in the summer is a good way to do that.

Assess and Plan for the Future

Another great way to take advantage of a summer lull is by auditing your current progress and planning ahead. A slow afternoon could be the perfect time to dive into your web analytics and see what’s been going on with your site, and how customers are responding to your content. Or you could sit down and map out some topics you want to address on your blog or email newsletter in the coming months.

The summer months might be an ideal time to think ahead to the holidays (which will be here faster than you know it), and think of upgrading your hosting and e-commerce features. It’s much easier, and less expensive, to take care of those things when it’s slow than it is to try to handle them at the last minute like everyone else.

There’s a difference between slowing down and completely stopping your forward progress. Remember that as we move deeper and deeper into the summer. The warm weather gives us a chance to get out of the office and have some fun, but you’ll be back to business before you know it. And then, what will you wish you had done with your website before you got too busy?

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