Marketing Bootcamp was created for companies who are undergoing big changes and have urgent need of a marketing overhaul. 

Marketing Bootcamp is available in 6- and 12-month packages

Marketing work is front-loaded over a six or twelve-month engagement, while the cost is spread out in equal monthly payments. This allows you to get what you need quickly and pay for it over time.

Marketing bootcamp is specifically designed to:

  • accelerate your marketing over a set time period
  • achieve specific goals.

Marketing Bootcamp is perfect for:

  • New companies and funded start-ups
  • Companies undergoing transition
  • Companies who aren’t currently doing any marketing or whose marketing has stalled out
  • Companies with a new marketing department

We work with clients across the United States.
Marketing Bootcamp includes:

  • video team status calls with firm principals to review progress and next steps
  • one-on-one calls with firm principals for information gathering, problem-solving, and support
  • devoted Slack channel
  • secure file sharing
  • subscription to Marketing Watt, the digital marketing decision engine

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Marketing Bootcamp Components


  1. Determining Short-Term and Long-Term Priorities and Setting Goals
    What do you need to do right now? What do you need to be ready to do six months from now?
  2. Audit of Existing Materials
    We identify what you already have, what’s working, what can be repurposed, and what’s missing.
  3. Transitional Communication Planning
    We determine what you need to say right now and how you need to say it. We train public-facing company staff on how to support that, from the receptionist to the salespeople.
  4. Aligning Visual Presentation Elements with Priorities
    Do your visual assets match up with what you need to convey? We review and as needed revise or create your business cards, brochures, website, proposal templates, and any other visual assets that contribute toward how your prospective clients see you.
  5. Social Media Channels and Training
    We’ll create or refresh your social media channels, focusing on the best ones for your business. We’ll also train your staff on how to create and post content for maximum visibility and engagement.
  6. Awareness and Lead Generation
    We make sure you have a system in place for managing leads, and we design a sales funnel specifically for you. Depending on your business, this includes things like press pitches to relevant media outlets, drip campaigns with landing pages, award submissions, creating and running an e-newsletter, or an annual publication.
  7. Networking
    Old-school marketing and sales are still a thing. We’ll coach your staff on how to be effective networkers, avoid timewasters, and be ambassadors for your company wherever they are.
  8. Content Creation
    We’ll make sure you have the content that you need to be successful in your marketing and tools for creating your own content in the long run. This includes case studies, blog posts, and ghostwritten articles with bylines from your firm’s leadership.
  9. Creating Processes for Long-Term Success
    To help you succeed after the bootcamp ends, we create a framework and processes for you and your internal team to follow.
  10. Tracking and Measuring
    Know what data you should be tracking and what measurements matter to your business. We help you set benchmarks for your long-term goals and train your team to understand your marketing data.