Marketing Programs

In our 20+ years of working with clients, we’ve identified some common marketing needs. So we did what we do every time we see a need: we created ways to help.

Our marketing programs are designed to specifically address big-picture marketing needs that professional firms often have:

  • Unexpected loss of marketing resources
  • New products, business lines, or even staff
  • Change in business leadership or ownership
  • Shift in business model
  • Urgent need to ramp up marketing

Marketing Bootcamp

For firms that need a substantial marketing overhaul

Turbo-charge years of marketing strategy and development

6-month or 12-month engagements

Marketing Department in a Box

For firms that need extra help on their marketing

Keep moving forward even with reduced resources

3-month or 6-month engagements

Not seeing what you need? We also offer a full suite of marketing services and can tailor a custom program for you. 

About Graphicmachine

Graphicmachine is a digital marketing and business growth firm. We specialize in creating business opportunities for professional firms, using digital marketing to connect you with your ideal clients. For over 20 years we’ve helped small, mid-sided, and large professional firms improve their marketing so they can improve their revenues.