Why would someone work with your law firm instead of another one? You have the answer to that question, but your potential clients might not. That’s why developing content is so important to online marketing for law firms. Your pages and blog posts – and to a lesser extent video clips, pictures, and social updates – can all highlight your unique strengths. To outsiders who simply “need a good lawyer,” a lot of different attorneys and firms can seem the same. Your job is to help them understand there are real differences in value.

Let’s look at a few of the ways you can use content to differentiate your law firm from all your competitors…

You Can Use Content to Show Off Your Expertise

Does your firm specialize in a certain area of the law? If so, that should be reflected in your web content. Your static pages (your website’s home page, about section, etc.) should highlight your areas of expertise, and so should your ongoing blog posts.

No legal team is right for every client. You can use your content to show searchers and visitors what type of person or business you can help and why they should turn to you first.

Law Articles Can Educate Potential Clients About News and Changes

By posting articles and ideas to your legal website, you can show your potential clients you understand the issues they are facing (or will be in the future). You probably have a much better grip on new legislation, regulations, or trial outcomes than the people you serve. Why not give them a heads up about issues that might affect them in the future?

Taking this kind of approach to your web content provides something of value to the clients you’re looking to attract. It also gives you a chance to demonstrate your knowledge and credibility on important topics.

You Can Use Legal Content to Reach New Clients

One of the big benefits to any business of producing regular content is that articles, videos, and posts tend to find their way outside your subscriber list. The more you publish, the greater the chance your content will find its way to someone who hadn’t heard of you in the past but shares a common contact with your firm.

From Facebook to Google, LinkedIn, and even your email newsletter, you should be promoting the content you produce so it can be spread and shared to new audiences. Keep that up for a while and you might be amazed at how often new clients seem to appear “out of nowhere.”

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