Why Marketers Take Email for Granted

For as long as you’ve been involved in the world of Internet marketing, you’ve probably been taking the power of email for granted. We see it every day – even though targeted newsletters remain one of the fastest, cheapest, and most effective ways to reach hundreds or thousands of buyers at once, most of the business owners and executives we speak with take a “ho-hum” approach to sending something towards their customers’ inboxes.

While marketing through email might not be as flashy as gathering thousands of likes on your latest Instagram post, the fact of the matter is that newsletters still work, and work very well.

So how do you make the most of your campaigns at a time when most businesses and subscribers have forgotten just how powerful a well-worded and designed email blast can be? Here are some useful tips to get you started…

Treat Your Email Newsletter Like a Magazine

This is good advice in two different ways. First, make sure everything you send in your email newsletter is interesting enough that it could be published somewhere. If it’s not, then rewrite or start with a fresh idea. And second, you should keep an editorial calendar for your email newsletter. Know what themes you are going to address in future editions, and build on interesting ideas over time.

Start Writing Sexier Subject Lines

Why should someone open your email newsletter when they have dozens of other things to read or look at that are just a click away? The answer comes down to your subject line. You don’t want to be so over-the-top that your message appears to be spam, but you do have to make an effort to entice readers and get them to check out your message.

Use Visuals and Openings That Draw Readers In

Most subscribers, if they are intrigued enough by your subject line, are going to click on your email and see two things right away: the image you paired with your newsletter, and the first couple lines of text that lead into your message. Make sure both of these are inviting, and give subscribers the sense that they wouldn’t be able to live with themselves if they deleted your message without reading it first.

Offer Two Things in Every Issue

Each of your newsletters needs to have an interesting article, so subscribers have an immediate reason to open your email while reading something that boosts your credibility. After that, your email should end with a targeted call to action that invites them to make a purchase or take the next step. The first is about getting a reader’s interest, and the second is about driving conversions.

Promote the Heck Out of Your Email Newsletter

Once you’ve taken the time to organize the kind of compelling email newsletter that you know customers are going to love, don’t just settle for delivering it into their inboxes. Promote it on social media, your blog, and in face-to-face conversations with your customers. Make sure everyone knows it’s coming, and that each send or edition has something they can look forward to.

Follow these tips, and you might rediscover a new fire for email that’s been missing in your marketing life. And once you do, you’ll wonder how you ever took this wonderful, cost-effective tool for building sales and awareness for granted in the first place.

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