What Makes or Breaks a Logo Design?

Clients love logo design, but don’t often have a great idea of what they’re looking for. After all, art is a very subjective thing, and logos have aspects that can feel personal, even though they are designed for businesses. Add in the fact that you might see several different designs before you settle on the one you like, and the process of choosing a winner can become confusing pretty quickly.

How do you know what’s going to work? What makes or breaks a logo design?

Even after years and years of experience, we can tell you there isn’t a definite answer that will apply to every business or situation. Still, there are a handful of characteristics any business owner should definitely keep in mind while evaluating designs and design firms…

The Overall Character of the Logo

Even though logo designs are generally simple, they need to convey some sense of character and emotion. The instant response people have when they view your logo is incredibly important. Does it convey professionalism, credibility, or something else? Right away, they should get the sense that your business is one they want to work with.

The Colors That Are Used

Not only do different colors convey different emotions, but selecting a color scheme for your visual identity is important because it will carry over into other parts of your marketing campaigns. In other words, once you decide on a palette for your logo, you’ll likely integrate the same hues and shades into your website, brochures, and other communications. So, they need to be colors you like, and that fit the personality of your company.

Whether the Logo Is Unique

You don’t want a logo that began its life as a piece of clipart. Neither do you want one that seems very close to something your competitors are using. In either case, having a copycat logo undermines your marketing because it makes it hard to separate you from everyone else. That’s not to say your logo needs to be so off the wall that people can’t understand it, just that your design team should start from scratch and build with your business in mind.

How the Logo Fits With Your Company’s Identity

You can have a great logo design, but if it doesn’t fit with the personality of your business, or the marketing goals you have in place, then it’s not going to do you much good. Work with your design team to ensure your logo is consistent with everything you want people to think and feel about your company. Otherwise, it’s just a nice piece of art that doesn’t really help you further your marketing campaigns.

Oddly enough, choosing a logo for your company might be the most personal decision you ever make for your company. But, if you can keep the right criteria in mind, you can choose one that will resonate with customers and serve you well as a strong visual identity for many years to come.

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