Why Local SEO Is a Huge Deal

If you are the kind of business owner who has other things to do besides read internet marketing blogs all day, it can be difficult to tell the big trends from the ideas and best practices that are just “good to know.” That makes it easy to miss the game-changers… and explains why so many small companies aren’t taking advantage of local SEO more than they are.

To be clear, in case you missed it or didn’t know, local search engine optimization is a huge deal. It can help you attract lots of new business to your website almost overnight, and boost your leads or sales with a very small investment of time or money.

To help you understand why, here is what you need to know…

Local Search Engine Optimization Gives Your Business a “Home Field Advantage”

In the past couple of years, Google’s engineers have noticed that searchers are looking for local products and services more and more. This is evident in the way they use geographic search terms like “Kansas City web design,” and in the types of searches they enter. Instead of turning to the Yellow Pages or print ads, like they used to, they are taking out their smartphones and finding the closest vendors.

To help them find what they’re looking for more easily, Google has started matching searchers to local results. So, if the search engine can tell where you are located, it will automatically boost your search visibility with people who look for your products or services when they are nearby.

It’s Incredibly Easy to Get Started with Local Search Engine Optimization

While the traditional elements of search engine optimization – like fresh content and inbound links – will help you be more visible to local buyers, you can get the process started simply by adding a few clues about your location within your web content. For instance, you could be sure to use your city name, ZIP code, and phone number. Or, you could include a map or driving directions on your website.

Each of these helps Google to understand where you’re located, while also making it easier for buyers to visit your retail shop or real-world office when they want to get in touch. So, that helps your business in two ways.

Local Search Engine Optimization Is Efficient and Profitable

Because of the low costs and startup effort involved, and because local buyers tend to be more loyal and stay with you longer, anything you do to attract customers in your area is bound to pay off pretty quickly. Plus, your local search engine optimization efforts could help your online reputation, since buyers in your neighborhood are more likely to leave reviews on websites like Yelp.

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