3 Reasons Why Accuracy is a Huge Part of Local SEO

When web design clients think about local search engine optimization, they tend to imagine it involves adding city and state names to all the existing keywords and search phrases they’ve been targeting on Google. That’s certainly part of the process, and a good way to get started. But, there’s a lot more that goes into successfully promoting your website to buyers in your area.

Today, we want to touch on one of those areas that tends to be overlooked: making sure the information that is been posted about your company online is accurate.

Chances are, your company has profiles on a number of different websites and online business directories. If there are duplicate entries, outdated pieces of information, or outright inaccuracies, they could cause you lots of small headaches over time.

Many business owners won’t think to pay attention to a detail that’s not quite right, especially if it’s post on someone else’s website, but you definitely should. Here are just a few of the biggest reasons why…

1) Bad Information Sends Mixed Signals to Google

When Google comes across multiple or conflicting pieces of information about a business – like different contact details, or industry data that doesn’t seem consistent – it’s search algorithm can become confused. At best, that might mean you’ll have multiple entries (with some of them sending potential buyers in the wrong direction). At worst, it may decide that your business is defunct and avoid sending visitors to your website at all.

2) Corroborating Evidence is a Strong Search Signal

If conflicting information hurts you, then corroborating data helps boost your search visibility. That’s because consistent details across one page and website to the next are a positive search signal. It’s a way of telling Google that your business is legitimate, trusted, and keeping things up-to-date. There’s no confusion about who you are, what you do, or where customers should go to learn more, so there aren’t any red flags that get in the way of sending you online visits.

3) Your Online Reputation is at Stake, Too

As we’ve noted in the past, your online reputation is integral to your company’s success, both on the Internet and in the real world. One benefit of double checking the info that’s been posted about your company online is that it gives you a chance to look over reviews, testimonials, and other information to be sure you don’t have any problem areas to clean up. If you do, it’s better to improve your probably profile at the same time you’re updating your information, rather than having to duplicate your efforts again later.

The first step towards correcting inaccurate online information is finding out what’s out there. Look through Google, Yelp, and social networks to see what’s been posted about you and your business. Then, if you find information that isn’t quite right, take steps to in the short term, but it will be well worth it in the long run when you see customers start to make their way to your website.

To be successful with any form of search engine optimization, you need the information that’s posted about your company to be both positive and consistent. Don’t forget that geographic keywords are only part of the Local SEO puzzle – work to ensure that everything customers (and search engine spiders) find online is accurate, too.

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