Last-Minute CES Travel Tips

You’re almost there! Before you zip up the suitcase and head to the airport, take note of these travel tips:

If your hotel has a free membership program, sign up before you go. (Residents of certain states can’t sign up online, so just do it when you check in.) You’ll get points for playing in the casino, dining in the hotel’s restaurants, spa services, and sometimes even your hotel stay. These add up quickly and can get you upgrades and discounts on your next stay.

Here are links to the major chains:

Tip everyone who provides a service. This includes waitstaff, bartenders, baggage porters, and above all, housekeeping. The hospitality industry survives on tips, and Las Vegas offers the best service of anywhere I have ever traveled. Here’s a guide:

  • Waitstaff: Minimum 20%
  • Bartender: Minimum $1 per beer or wine and minimum $2 per mixed drink
  • Porters: Minimum $2 per bag; more if you have oversized bags
  • Housekeeping: Minimum $5 per night for an average-sized room of routine levels of use. If you’re staying in a suite or larger, and or you’re messy, tip more. Remember that housekeeping staff are not allowed to dispose of liquids in coffee cups, glasses, bottles, or even paper cups – there’s always a chance that cup contains 200 year-old scotch. Don’t be a jerk and penalize your housekeeper for doing a bad job because your coffee cup still has coffee in it when you come back.

Be an informed traveler. Check the local Las Vegas news before you get there and every day you’re there. Knowing what’s going on locally helps you know if you need to adjust your plans. More importantly, it empowers you to be sensitive to local events that might be on people’s minds.

Also, if you tune out of non-CES news during CES (which is pretty common), make sure you check the national news the day you’re departing. Everyone hates the person at the airport who doesn’t know about the storm, the security threat, etc., and is brutally harassing the airline staff about delays.

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