Is Your Social Following Really Filled with Potential Customers?

You’ve decided to jump into social media marketing head-first, establishing profiles on all the major social platforms to gather a social following – including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ – and have attracted thousands of new followers. Surely, you’re well on your way to a flood of new sales that are going to come from your social accounts… right?

Maybe, and maybe not. While lots of business owners and marketers like to see huge social numbers (so many followers, so many shares, etc.), the reality is that many of them have networks that aren’t really filled with potential customers. Let’s look at a few of the reasons why:

Lots of social networking is really just social not-working

Because most business owners and marketers use social networking sites in their day-to-day lives, it’s fun for them to post content for their businesses, too. But a lot of those posts center on fun, personal, or humorous items, and not anything related to their company or industry.

That kind of activity might be enjoyable, and it may even win you some new friends and contacts. But it isn’t going to do much to encourage new business. If your networks are filled with friends and like-minded acquaintances, follower statistics might not be telling the whole story.

Conversions from your social following need to be tracked carefully

It’s not unusual for businesses to assume that their social media accounts are generating new sales opportunities, when in reality those conversions are coming from email, search engines, or even pay-per-click ads.

If you want to know how your social campaigns are performing, you need to have detailed tracking and analytics in place. It’s critical to have a good idea of where your customers are really coming from.

The social customers you get might not be good customers

This follows on with the earlier point about tracking, but you don’t just need to know whether you’re generating sales from your social accounts, but also what the quality is like.

Because a lot of businesses promote discounts through their social profiles, they end up getting low-margin customers from these promotions. If you can’t get your social buyers to pay normal prices, or something close, then how much value do they really have to your business?

The best way to get great results from your social media marketing campaigns isn’t to focus strictly on the number of your social following, but instead to target a certain type of prospect and make sure you are attracting their attention. Because if you can’t track any new sales opportunities that are actually being generated by your social accounts, then what are you spending so much time online for anyway?



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