Why Influencers Matter in SEO (and How to Get Their Attention)

Search engine optimization would seem to be a relatively straightforward process: you figure out what your customers search, add content and gather inbound links, and then drive them towards conversions so you can be profitable. As we all know, however, things get more complicated in practice. In many cases, there are steps within the steps.

Today, we want to shed light on one of those details that often gets overlooked. In particular, we are talking about the role that influencers play in the search engine optimization and conversion process.

Whether you realize it or not, not every “buyer” you need to attract to your website is a buyer or decision-maker at all. In many cases, they may be someone who is gathering information for another person. It could be that an assistant, a spouse, or a middle manager is doing a bit of homework, while the actual “buyer” who will approve the decision and/or contact you doesn’t enter the process until later.

In Internet marketing, we refer to these people as influencers. They can have a much bigger effect on the results from your search engine optimization campaigns than you might realize. To understand why, and what you can do about it, here are a few things you should do…

Think About the Influencer’s POV
Influencers often have a different level of knowledge and understanding than a decision-maker would. And, they might have different goals or priorities. For instance, a buyer might worry about price, but an influencer could be more concerned about safety or convenience. Try to take all of these factors into consideration when developing a sense of who you need to sell to and what their most important decision criteria are.

Adjust Your Keyword Strategy
Knowing that influencers have different levels of understanding and distinct priorities, it only makes sense that they would search different terms and phrases to find the solutions they’re looking for. Analyze your SEO keyword strategy to see whether you’re doing enough to attract influencers who might look for general terms instead of specialized jargon or brand names.

Layer or Separate Your Landing Pages
If you offer the kind of products or services that are going to invite research from influencers, see if you can create content that’s especially for them. This can be accomplished by layering your landing pages (with general information at the top and more specific details of the bottom), or by creating new landing pages that are based around the terms influencers search for.

Offer Multiple Conversion Options
Often, influencers to a buying decision prefer guides, reports, and videos to in-person consultations or other conversions that require a bigger commitment. So, as you layer or separate your landing pages, give buyers and influencers different options for taking the next step.

It’s easy to develop tunnel vision and lock-in on the men and women you suppose are going to be buyers when you’re setting up your search engine optimization campaigns, but don’t forget a few big decisions are made in a vacuum. Instead, they’re going to be counting on important influencers to lead them to the right conclusions. If your strategy doesn’t appeal to this largely hidden group, then you’re going to struggle to make an impact on sales by using Google.

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