If you’ve taken a car or truck in for dealer servicing at any point in the last decade, you’ve probably been given some kind of report card at the end of your visit. Even if you brought your auto in for routine maintenance, you probably got scores that showed you how things looked with your tires, exhaust, air filter, and so on.

Should you actually take the time to pay attention to these reports, they can be invaluable. That’s because they give you some very strong and clear insights into the health of your car and prevent you from ignoring minor issues that could leave you stranded or facing big repair bills later.

Unfortunately, we can’t force you to bring your website in for an oil change. However, we do recommend you get regular performance checkups. Let’s look at a few of the most important reasons why…

You Can Measure Website Performance With Auditing Tools

It can be easy for a preoccupied business owner to assume that because their website looks good it’s in good shape. However, using advanced auditing tools we can “ping” your website to check things like responsiveness, page speed, and so on.

These numbers aren’t meaningless. They give you a sense of what kind of experience actual customers are having when they come to your website. And, they can give you insights into why visitors are or aren’t responding to your marketing messages.

A Website Performance Audit Can Help You Identify Technical Problems

When your car is having problems, you might see a giant flashing light on your dashboard that alerts you to the issue. That’s not likely to happen with your website, though. Instead, you can suffer from broken links, missing pages, images that don’t load, or even security issues without actually knowing.

During the website audit, we look for technical problems that could otherwise go unnoticed. That’s great for keeping your site in peak condition, and for ensuring minor website issues don’t affect your bottom line.

Website Performance Checkups are Important to Search Engine Optimization

If you have undetected problems with your website performance it’s going to annoy visitors. However, those same issues might prevent customers from finding your pages in the first place. That’s because Google’s search spiders also evaluate things like page loading speed, website stability, mobile functionality, and so on. You could actually see your pages disappear from search engine listings if the relevant issues aren’t correct.

Most businesses are incredibly reliant on Google and the other search engines for traffic and lead generation. A website audit can help you ensure customers find their way to your pages first.

It’s Easier Than You Think to Monitor Website Performance

It isn’t expensive or time-consuming to figure out how things look on your website. You won’t even have to wait while we rotate your tires. Instead, it just takes a short visit and a few diagnostic tools we can run from our office.

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