How to Make Time for Content Marketing

It’s no secret that you need content on your website to attract search engine visitors, not to mention interested customers. But, most business owners and marketers struggle to add new pages and articles to their websites on a regular basis. They feel they just don’t have time for content marketing. They need it, but can’t figure out how to make it work in the context of their busy schedules.

What many of them don’t understand is that being successful in content marketing doesn’t have to mean turning yourself into a full-time writer, or spending endless days learning design software. In fact, there are some easy tips you can follow to make it easier to keep up with your blog and social posting.

Here are a few of our favorites to make time for content marketing:

Map out Your Content Strategy – don’t let content creation become a random activity. Start with a plan that outlines which buyers you’re trying to target, what your main messages will be, and how you are hoping interested customers will follow up. That will make it easier to generate topics and ideas that are on-topic.

Be Realistic in Your Content Planning – lots of business owners would like to blog once a day, but really only have time to compose one article per week, or even one every other week. If that sounds familiar, be realistic in your planning. It’s better to be consistent with your content marketing than it is to get overwhelmed and give up.

Do Your Prep Work Ahead of Time – you can make the process of creating content easier by doing your most important prep work ahead of time. Name files, create templates, and make lists of keywords or themes that are important to your marketing efforts. Then, you’ll never be starting from scratch when you sit down to write.

Record Your Inspiration When It Comes – unfortunately, the best ideas never seem to come to you when you’re sitting in front of a blank screen or running camera. Make a point of recording your best thoughts on a notebook or recorder ahead of time. That way, once it’s time to actually create your content, you’ll have some bullet points and inspiration to begin with.

Write Regularly, But Film in Batches – for most people, it’s easier to write a little bit every day than it is to compose articles all at once. When it comes to filming video clips, though, it may be easier to prepare yourself, your lighting, and backgrounds just once so you can shoot several videos in one session.

When You Need Help, Turns the Professionals – creating great content isn’t easy. If you find you are struggling, consider outlining your thoughts and then turning them over to a professional writer, artist, or videographer. They can take your vision and bring it to life quickly and affordably while ensuring you get maximum marketing impact.

Content marketing doesn’t have to be a full-time commitment, but it does pay you dividends every hour of every day. The hardest part is almost always getting started, so take these tips and run with them!

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