How to Make the Most of Retargeting Ads

Retargeting ads bring a new dimension to your pay-per-click advertising campaigns. But, they can also add to the cost of each contact or conversion, which is why they need to be implemented carefully to maximize ROI.

Here are a handful of great tips for making the most of retargeting opportunities:

Understand How Retargeting Works

The concept behind retargeting ads is simple. Using cookies and tracking software, Google records which searchers click on your PPC ads, and then displays further ads from your company later (and the backgrounds of participating websites) as they browse the Internet. This gives you a second chance to win the sale or make the conversion, which can be invaluable if customers have a hard time remembering your company name, or are likely to return after doing a bit of research.

Don’t Just Use the Same Ads and Landing Pages

Getting more exposure to interested searchers can raise sales on its own. For the best results, however, don’t keep showing visitors the same ads and landing pages again and again. Instead, try a series of different combinations, designed to attract their attention, show off different aspects of your offer, and eventually find an appeal that convinces them to take the next step. Searchers might tune out your ad if they see it repeatedly, but are more apt to notice and respond to different variations.

Lower the Creep Factor

One of the problems with retargeting ads is that they can leave your prospect feeling as if your company were “following them” wherever they go on the Internet. And in online forms, some people have suggested that these kinds of campaigns make them uncomfortable, or cause them to worry about their privacy. You can go a long way towards fighting these fears – and lowering the overall creep factor – by controlling the timing and distribution of follow-up ads. Make sure your ads are being shown too often, or into many places, so they don’t overwhelm buyers.

Track Results and Control Your Spending

The other big problem with retargeting campaigns is that they can get to be costly in a hurry, since marketers are paying for every new impression. The best solution, as with any online advertising strategy, is to track your results carefully and adjust your budget according to the returns you are seeing. In some cases, you may find that a very large portion of your retargeting ads result in successful conversions. In other campaigns, the payoff might be lower. Follow the statistics closely and adjust your spending accordingly.

For some marketers, retargeting can be a fantastic way to capture more market share and turn a bigger percentage of web visitors into customers. However, because you’re paying more for those extra impressions, it’s crucial that you keep a close eye on your budget, the results of your campaigns, and the bottom line in general. Otherwise, retargeting campaigns could end up costing you more than they’re actually worth.

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