How to Improve Landing Page Performance

Landing pages are a popular topic in Internet marketing, and for good reason. Whether you’re bringing visitors to your website through pay-per-click advertising, organic search engine optimization, or social media links, it’s ultimately the quality and effectiveness of your landing pages that will determine how successful and profitable your campaigns are.

Although most business owners and marketers understand that intuitively, they also tend to approach things from a backward perspective. That is, they drive traffic to a landing page, study the results, and then start tweaking different elements (like headlines, photos, and calls to action) hoping for better results.

As it turns out, there is a smarter way to optimize your landing pages…

A Better Formula for Building Conversions

The big issue with lots of landing pages isn’t with the specific creative elements, but the mindset as a whole. They often do a good job of checking all the “required boxes” for converting traffic, while missing the bigger picture. It’s a classic forest-for-the-trees type of situation.

To see why that is, consider this often-overlooked detail: when someone clicks on your ad or link, they have a specific purpose in mind. Usually, it’s because they want to find an answer or learn more about a solution. In other words, they already have some sort of problem or challenge on their mind.

Meanwhile, most landing pages are built with a different problem in mind: how to push a visitor to take the next step. That’s not wrong, or even a bad idea, but you’re never going to succeed if your goal is at odds with the goal of the person who is reading your page. That’s why the best landing pages inform, answer questions, and then persuade. If you go too far without addressing or acknowledging the mindset of your visitor, you’re really just trying to twist their arm instead of helping them along.

Why It’s Time to Rethink Landing Page Strategy

The very best salespeople will tell you that they succeed not because they are so charismatic or persuasive, but because they get good at helping their customers find exactly what they want. Even though you can’t see buyers face-to-face, your landing page has to treat them in the same way. After all, your landing page is just a salesperson that works 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Never forget that visitors come to your site for a reason, and that they have something specific on their minds before they read a sentence or click a button. The closer your landing pages align to those ideas, the better they’ll perform over time.

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