Nearly every business has them: cold leads that once looked so promising. Often, we see in them missed opportunities and blown chances to win new customers. With each day that passes by, a prospect who used to be warm becomes less and less likely to do business with you. With enough time, they may barely remember you at all.

But, what if you could reverse that dynamic and start warming leads back up until they turn into buyers?

We have seen that happen again and again. However, the process didn’t occur spontaneously – changes come from business owners and marketers being smart about the way they deal with sales opportunities that seem to be slipping away.

Today, we want to give you some of our top tips for building buyer relationships from cold leads.

Understand the Buyer’s Journey

The temptation, when leads go cold, is to assume your sales or marketing efforts weren’t as strong as they could be. That’s sometimes the case, but more often than not potential sales disappear simply because the buyer wasn’t ready to take the next step yet.

It could be that your prospects need more information, or are consulting with other influencers and decision-makers on their side. The key is to keep the relationship alive so you remain on the top of their minds once they are set to make a decision or ask more questions.

Communicate, But Don’t Always Sell

One big mistake marketers make when trying to follow up with cold leads us to constantly be pushing for a sale or appointment. That’s understandable, but if a prospect isn’t ready to move ahead, they’ll feel pressure and may back away from your business altogether.

Certainly, you should keep encouraging potential buyers to consider taking the next step when following up with them, but don’t forget to share general information and resources, too. That lets your prospect get the time and space they need while enhancing your credibility at the same time.

Use the Right Tools for the Job

The easiest, fastest, and most cost-effective way to stay in touch with cold prospects is through email. However, you may not want to simply send them whatever you are broadcasting through your newsletter. It makes more sense to target your messages based on previous interactions.

If that seems impossible and time-consuming, then you aren’t using the right tools for the job. We help our clients to make use of apps like Klenty and Polymail to schedule and manage planned prospect interactions. That lets them deliver the right messages at the right intervals without having to spend too much effort on any single individual prospect.

Once you master the right approach to dealing with cold leads, you start seeing them as hidden sales opportunities instead of wasted interactions. And, before long you might discover there aren’t as many customers slipping away as there used to be.