The Hidden Value of Drip Marketing

It’s ironic that the best ideas sometimes suffer from mundane titles. We occasionally wonder whether drip marketing would get business owners and executives more excited if it were called something different, like “super-energized ROI enhancing contact repetition!”

As it is, though, drip marketing is a high-powered tactic with a boring name. It involves collecting email addresses and other contact details from prospects, and then following up – or “dripping” on them – at periodic intervals for months or years afterward.

Drip marketing works because not everyone who is interested in what you sell is going to be ready to make an immediate buying decision. But, if you can stay in contact with them, you can eventually turn them into customers.

For that reason, there is a lot of hidden value in drip marketing that business people tend to overlook. Here are just a few of the things you get from an effective drip campaign…

Higher ROI From Every Lead or Contact

Imagine for a moment that a prospect visits your website, does some research, and ultimately decides that they probably want what you’re selling, but don’t want it (or can’t pay for it) right away. What happens next? If you are relying on their memory, or some mix of SEO and advertising, to bring them back later then you might be in for a disappointment.

But, if you have a solid drip marketing campaign in place, you can collect their contact information and stay in touch. That way, you’ll keep moving towards a successful conversion, and ultimately turn a higher percentage of website visitors into buyers.

A Good Way to Shut Out Competitors

One of the biggest things to love about drip marketing is that it allows you to push your competitors out of the way. When you identify prospects early in their buying cycle, and stay in contact with them, they’ll naturally prefer to do business with you when the time comes. They may not even look at the competition because they have an ongoing relationship with your company.

Everybody loves to get a head start on their competitors, and using an effective drip campaign could help you completely shut out the other businesses who would like to win your customers.

Improved Margins When a Sale is Made

One side effect of drip marketing is that it makes prospects familiar with your products, value, and pricing over time. With every new point of contact, they learn a little bit more about your business and what makes you unique.

That can matter a great deal later, since they’ve already become accustomed to your rates and terms. Because they “know what they’re getting into” by the time they make a buying decision, they are less likely to haggle with you or shop around to find a better price elsewhere.

If you don’t already have a drip marketing campaign in place, then you could be missing out on sales you should be winning.

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