How to Gamify Your Web Forms (and Have Fun With the Conversions)

Gamification is both a trend and a buzzword within the web design industry. Realizing that customers of all ages would rather have fun than not, marketers have been looking for new ways to turn otherwise mundane experiences into interactive, playful engagements.

There are lots of ways to gamify your website, of course, but it works particularly well with web forms. That’s partly because they tend to be kind of boring, and partly because you want to use your most creative ideas to generate conversions. After all, if people are having fun sending their information to you, they are more likely to do so (and eventually to become customers as a result).

Ways to Gamify Your Forms
So, you like the idea of adding a little fun to your website, especially if it means you can generate more sales over time. How do you get started? Here are a few ways you can gamify your forms to make them more engaging…

Puzzles – why not make customers solve a simple graphical puzzle before they can sign up or receive a download? Some might join your email newsletter (for example) just to see if they can.

Riddles – a good brainteaser is also a way to engage visitors and get them thinking. And, you might even find that you start getting smarter inquiries as a result!

Unlocked Pages and Content – a great way to gamify conversions is to reward those who register/sign up with access to previously closed off portions of your website. As the prospect progresses, they get access to more and more content.

Badges – people love to get achievements. In the same way websites like TripAdvisor “promote” users with badges that show off their reviews and accomplishments, you could institute a system that ranks users who complete forms in the same way.

Custom Avatars – lots of customers enjoy the chance to be someone else, or express themselves as a character. Just look at the success of comic conventions. You can use that power in your website by letting registered users choose their own pictures and icons.

Let Customers Play the Stats – you can often improve engagement on your website simply by displaying the statistics directly to customers. Let them see how many people have viewed their reviews, how much of the website they’ve unlocked, and so on. They’ll keep participating to watch their numbers go up.

These are just a few of the most popular options, of course, but there are virtually endless possibilities when it comes to turning web conversions and other valuable activities into a game. You can probably think of dozens we haven’t listed here.

See if You Can Beat Your High Score
When it comes down to it, there are really two reasons to embrace gamification on your web forms. The first is that any form of customer engagement is good for activity and branding. And second, it can improve the profitability of your website over time.

So, why not see what kinds of games you can come up with, figure out the effect it’s having on conversions, and then see if you can beat your own high score? That’s a great way to inject new energy into your marketing and improve your bottom line in the long run.

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