Gaining Traction for Your Tweets

Twitter campaigns can be complicated; coordination with other tactics, A-B testing, detailed analytics, landing pages, and hypertargeting have historically been difficult to wrangle. Now, as networks like Twitter aim to maximize their ad revenues, they’ve made the ad tools simpler and more elegant to use. It’s easier than ever to run an effective basic ad on Twitter, but it’s important to think about the presentation of the tweet as much as you think about the content that you are conveying. There are two items that make a big difference:

1) Use a photograph
The native Twitter client allows for photos to be embedded as part of your tweet. Using this technique improves the chance that your tweets will stand out from the stream and help boost engagement.

2) Use Twitter Cards
While this is a technique primarily reserved for paid campaigns, Twitter cards give you more characters to convey your idea and create a strong impression with your content.

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