Are Your Facebook Ads Optimized?

Social advertising is reaching a tipping point. Every week, thousands of business owners discover that they can reach new customers efficiently and inexpensively by advertising on Facebook.

On the whole, this is a great thing. Far too many small businesses are missing out on the chance to reach people who could turn out to be fantastic customers for them because they simply don’t know how to get started. And, setting up advertising campaigns on Facebook only takes a few minutes, and won’t require you to dip very deeply into your marketing budget.

At the same time, Facebook advertising suffers from a few of the same issues that make it difficult to reach customers profitably through Google ads: namely, that campaigns have to be carefully optimized. Otherwise, it’s easy to waste money and generate lots of views while getting very little in the way of results.

Are your Facebook ads optimized as carefully as they could be? Here are just a few of the factors you should consider adjusting if you haven’t already…

Demographics – Lots of marketers began their Facebook advertising campaigns by setting very wide demographic nets. They target friends of friends, or individuals with very broad interests. That’s fine to start with, but over time you should be thinking about who your very best customers (or potential customers) might be, and then tweaking your settings to ensure you are targeting them directly. Why waste your time and money showing your ads to people who aren’t likely to buy from you?

Device Type – Most business owners don’t realize that Facebook gets more than three quarters of its traffic from mobile devices, but that most sales and conversions come from traditional computers. Mobile users usually scroll through without paying too much attention to ads. Knowing that, it’s worth testing different campaign settings to see if scaling back on your mobile reach can help you get more conversions from the same budget.

Location – In some industries, customers who don’t live or work in the same neighborhood aren’t very likely to buy from you. And even if location isn’t the deciding factor, you might find it more efficient to market to local buyers first, and to try your messaging on them, before you make your campaigns bigger, broader, and more expensive.

Conversions – Conversions are broad category. But, you want to ensure that you have Facebook’s ad optimization system looking for the right kinds of conversions (for instance, clicks to your website instead of likes on a post). And, you need to study your own analytics to make sure that the traffic you’re getting from Facebook is indeed resulting in leaves or sales. If it isn’t, it’s imperative you make some changes to your campaigns before they cost you too much.

Facebook represents one of the hottest and most cost-effective advertising channels for small businesses in virtually any area or industry. But, as with any pay-per-click system, it’s important to ensure your budget is being used to reach buyers, not just generate views.

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