Easy Ways to Improve PPC Performance

On paper, setting a profitable pay-per-click advertising campaign seems simple. You choose a target audience, write some ads that appeal to them, and then direct responders to a focused landing page that converts them into customers.

Simple, right?

As most marketers learn eventually, the reality is a bit more complicated. While the ideas behind PPC are straightforward, the execution requires some careful planning and ongoing optimization. That’s because it’s easy to spend a lot of money on online advertising without getting the right kinds of results.

To help you get started, and make your advertising efforts more successful, here are a few easy ways to improve PPC performance:

Use the Right PPC Medium

A lot of marketers choose their advertising destinations based on what they like, or by comparing bid prices for certain keywords or demographics. While these kinds of comparisons can be useful, never forget that the goal is to target buyers based on their preferences. So if you know that your customers prefer Google over Facebook (for example), focus your attention there first.

Bid for Clicks Based on Results, Not Positions

A lot of the “standard advice” on PPC advertising says that you have to bid on one of the top positions to make any impact with buyers. However, for a lot of products and industries, customers will look through several different choices before making a buying decision. That means you could get just as much exposure – at a much lower cost – by lowering your bid prices and accepting an ad position farther down the page.

Prioritize Conversions Instead of Visits

Along the same lines, marketers should realize that the keywords that attract the most searches aren’t always the ones that lead to the biggest return on investment. In fact, it’s often the case that longer search strings are less competitive (i.e., cheaper) and lead to more conversions. Remember that, and prioritize sales or conversions over visitor statistics.

Make a Perfect Match between Ad Copy and Landing Pages

If your ad gets lots of clicks, but doesn’t correspond very well to your offer, then you’re likely going to find yourself wasting a lot of money. The most profitable campaigns match ad copy with landing page content in a very focused way, so one leads naturally to the other. When that doesn’t happen, buyers can feel surprised or disappointed by your landing pages, and will take their attention elsewhere.

Keep Testing and Refining Your Campaigns

It’s very rare that a PPC advertising campaign will achieve maximum click-through and conversion rates in the first few weeks or months. Instead, increasing efficiency is a constant process of refinement where new ads are tested, landing page variations are explored, and negative keywords are implemented to reduce wasted advertising expenses. Don’t be satisfied with good PPC results – keep testing and refining your campaigns until they are as profitable as they possibly can be.

Pay-per-click advertising is a great way to attract targeted customers and test out new campaign strategies. But don’t assume it’s going to be simpler than it is, or that it won’t take a bit of work and creativity to earn the kinds of profits you’re hoping for. And if you need expert assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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