7 Ways to Create Podcasts Customers Love [Blog]

Recently, we pointed out that podcasts remain a powerful but underused tool for building your credibility, reaching a larger audience, and spreading your marketing message. Today, we want take the next natural step and show you how you can create a podcast – or better yet, a series of podcasts – that buyers and subscribers will love. Here are some quick tips to help you get started…

Use the Right Equipment

The prices for studio-quality audio equipment have gone way down in recent years, to the point where you can get a premium podcasting microphone for just over $100. If you plan on making your podcast a part of your regular marketing campaigns (and you should), that’s money well spent.

Get to Know Your Audio Editing Software

There are several free audio editing tools out there, including a few that are designed specifically for podcasting. Spend a few minutes learning how to cut out pauses or mistakes, reduce background noise, and make your voice sound is rich and full as possible. The attention to detail will make your podcasts stand out.

Pay Attention to Your Titles and Tags

Although Google and the other search engines don’t crawl audio podcast files themselves (yet), the titles, descriptions, and keywords you attach to your podcast are searchable. Take a couple of minutes to do everything you can to ensure your recordings are easy for your best customers to find.

Bring a Unique Voice and Perspective

No one wants to hear a podcast that is simply a rehash of the same old ideas and opinions. Think about what kind of unique information and insights you can bring to the table, and then add your personal or professional take on current topics or ongoing discussions. Be yourself and you will have an easier time standing out.

Tease Your Next Episode

At the end of each podcast, give listeners a preview of what you’ll be discussing in the next episode. Make it sound as interesting and compelling as possible. “Teasing” listeners with what’s still to come is a great way to keep them coming back week after week, and to develop a following for your podcasts.

Tune in to Listener Feedback

If you’re paying attention, listeners will tell you what they like in your podcasts, and what they don’t, in two different ways. First, they’ll communicate with you directly, through their comments and reviews. Additionally, they’ll “speak” by choosing to listen in on certain episodes or ignore them. Keep your ear to the ground, and you’ll develop a sense of which themes and topics excite your audience.

Promote Your Podcasts

Don’t count on new listeners discovering your podcasts right away by accident. Instead, promote each new episode on your website, with email, and your blog, and through your social media accounts. Eventually, you’ll get to the point where your podcast listeners will multiply and start to seek you out on other platforms, as well.

Podcasting is a cheap, simple, and effective way to improve your profile as a marketer. For more great common sense tips on taking your business to the next level, contact Graphicmachine today and find out what we can do for you!

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