Why Consistency Matters in the Digital World

One of the supposed advantages of marketing in the digital age is that you can change anything about your website or campaigns at a glance. New pages can be added or deleted. Ads can be paused, or shown to new audiences. And of course, emails can be re-written to ensure they are converting as many readers and customers as possible.

That kind of flexibility is valuable, but it can also be overused. Whether you realize it or not, there is value in being consistent with the way your marketing messages look and feel.

Some of this comes down to effective branding, but being consistent is about more than using the same logos, fonts, and colors again and again. To help you understand why, here are a few things you have to understand about repetition and consistency when it comes to online marketing…

Messaging Strategy Is Important When It’s Done Right

If you have a good web design team on your side, then there should have been a lot of research and forethought that went into creating your internet marketing strategy. Assuming that’s the case, why switch things up and go off course on a whim, or just because you don’t get the results you’re looking for instantly? If you have a sound strategy, it makes sense to see it through and be consistent over time.

Consider the Glimpse Factor

Because there is so much marketing all around us at any given time, especially on the internet, we tend to see a lot of things we don’t necessarily notice. This is important, because you could be making repeated impressions on prospects, even if they don’t react to your ads and messaging right away. But, by remaining consistent with your images, style, and offers over time, you greatly increase the odds they will act on your marketing and become customers.

Messages Are Instant, But Impressions Are Ongoing

In the same way, being consistent with your marketing helps you to make a steady impression. And, once that impression has been established, it’s not going to change quickly or easily. Given that new competitors and sales messages are coming to your customers constantly, being consistent makes you stand out in a crowd. People might ignore one ad, post, or email, but they are definitely going to recognize your company after dozens of contacts.

Consistency Leads to Stronger Campaigns

Being consistent with branding elements and offers doesn’t just help customers – it also helps your marketing employees and/or creative vendors to anticipate your needs and give you exactly what you want. The result is better work that yields much stronger bottom-line results on every new campaign.

Naturally, you never want to continue with an internet marketing the campaign or strategy that isn’t working. But, with a bit of careful planning and strong execution, you should be able to develop consistent ideas that carry forth from one ad, post, or email to the next. Once that happens, you are well on the way to making a stronger impression on every customer.

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