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Is There There There: The Upgrade Me Edition [podcast]

Technology, systems, and virtually all aspects of life are upgraded. What does it look like when you are the subject of an upgrade. In this week’s episode called The Upgrade Me Edition, we explore the ultimate level of updates. Download the MP3 Subscribe to the feed with your podcast app using this address: Subscribe […]

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Is There There There: The Aging Edition [podcast]

Everyone gets older. In this week’s episode called The Aging Edition, we celebrate Patience’s birthday with a episode about aging. Download the MP3 Subscribe to the feed with your podcast app using this address: Subscribe on iTunes, and consider rating the show! Subscribe on Google Play. Here is synopsis of things covered in the […]

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Is There There There: The Little Things Edition [Podcast]

An AirAsia flight from Malaysia to Sydney mistakenly lands in Melbourne. As it turns out, when entering the coordinates of the plane’s position and trajectory, the pilot incorrectly entered the longitude from a sign outside the cockpit window as 01519.8 east (15 degrees 19.8 minutes east) instead of 15109.8 east (151 degrees 9.8 minutes east). […]

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Is There There There: The Cultural Phenomena Edition [Podcast]

It’s our 100th episode! We’re a century’s worth of podcast! In honor of this milestone, we’re going to change up the format a little bit. This week’s episode of Is There There There, the podcast from digital marketing agency Graphicmachine, will focus on media and entertainment we think demonstrate larger trends in marketing, in what […]

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Is There There There: The Acquisition Edition [Podcast]

If you’re not familiar with the website Jezebel, here’s a quick primer. It’s a news blog site “geared toward women” that was started in 2007 as part of the Gawker Media empire. Posts could be about anything from a CEO’s proclivities for sexual harassment to the current landscape of access to birth control to whether […]

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Is There There There: The Potato Potato Edition [Podcast]

The new Ikea catalog just came out, and on the back is a statement that goes something like this: we sell to people, not customers. This got us thinking about how those words might impact how a business thinks of its audience, and how that thinking influences things like product design, service offerings, and even […]

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Is There There There: The Rubber Meets The Road Edition

When you are sitting in the comfort of your office or conference room making plans for your company’s marketing and sales efforts, it can be easy to forget about what Josephine Q. Public, who does not have a conference room with a view, might think. It’s easy to imagine the most brilliant blue sky version […]

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Is There There There: The Wildfire Edition

With the success of Pokémon Go, it can seem at first that its rampant success is due to being the first game of its kind. The truth is, it’s not the first Augmented Reality app, but it has had the overnight success usually associated with being the first. For all of those nights spent in […]

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Is There There There: The Wrecking Ball Edition

Last week, I spent an excessive amount of time at the county assessor’s office. It’s a rehabilitated space fit into the infrastructure of a 1930s building. While I am generally a fan of preserving historic architecture, in this case, the (hopefully) modern function doesn’t work in this location. You can see the same thing in […]

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Is There There: The Perfect Edition

Season 2 of “Mr. Robot” premiered last night, to much critical acclaim. Show creator Sam Esmail recently stated that for this season, he has taken on the role of director for every episode, in addition to remaining in the role of showrunner. While it’s impossible(so far) to argue with the outcome – the two-part premiere […]

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