Are You Speaking Your Customers Language?

The words you use in your business matter. That isn’t just because content can be persuasive, or because Google “reads” everything you post looking for searchable terms and phrases. Those details are important, but we’re referring to something more basic. If you call products or services by different terms than the ones your customers use, […]

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How Well Do You Understand Website Performance?

If you’ve taken a car or truck in for dealer servicing at any point in the last decade, you’ve probably been given some kind of report card at the end of your visit. Even if you brought your auto in for routine maintenance, you probably got scores that showed you how things looked with your […]

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Using Content to Sell Architectural, Engineering, & Construction

We work with a lot of architects, engineers, and construction companies throughout the Kansas City area. One thing we have noticed about them over the years is that they tend to prefer websites that are heavy on images but light on content. That makes perfect sense, at least on the surface. Usually, when someone is […]

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Your Small Business Website Tune-up Guide

How to Optimize Your Pages for Search and Conversions in 2018 for a successful Website Tune-up Do you ever feel like you aren’t getting the bottom line results from your website you hoped for? Does it sometimes seem as if your site looks great, but isn’t actually helping you to grow your business? Or, did […]

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Expectations Matter More Than Ever

I recently ordered hair products from Sephora. I buy them at Sephora because I earn loyalty points that I will probably never spend, and because of Sephora’s practice of including free cosmetic samples with every order. “THREE FREE SAMPLES WITH EVERY ORDER” is plastered on every page, and during checkout customers are presented with 6-12 […]

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Going to CES 2018? Be Kind.

CES 2018 is just around the corner, and this year’s post has less to do with how to get the most out of the conference and more to do with how to be when you’re there. Since you last attended CES, Las Vegas was the victim of domestic terrorism. The event occurred on October 1. […]

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3 Reasons Why Reputation Management Matters

For businesses in the hospitality space (including restaurants, bars, and hotels), “reputation management” is a familiar concept. Reputation management is, essentially, the process of shaping public opinion. For many companies, this conjures up visions of giant press war rooms with throngs of public relations professionals firing off press releases. In reality, modern reputation management means […]

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7 Deadly Sins of Architecture Marketing

The digital era provides a wealth of opportunities for architecture practices to be more nimble and to communicate more effectively. However, like any tool, digital opportunities can be misused and abused. This guide for architecture marketing highlights some common challenges. Behold: the Seven Deadly Sins of Architecture Marketing: Gluttony You know the architecture portfolio website […]

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3 Things You Can Do Right Now to Make Your Website Better

Feeling overwhelmed? One of the best antidotes is having some small wins. Here are three quick things you can do right now to make your website better. Updating the Copyright Date Putting the copyright date in the footer of a website came about as a way of protecting site content and design from being copied. […]

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Content Strategy: Make Sure It Isn’t ‘Hey, I’m Talking To You!’

Content strategy is important. Why? Imagine entering a ballroom for a black-tie charity event. You’d like to start a conversation with an older wealthy donor. Do you: Run up to her and start showing her cat videos on your phone? Take the stage and call out her name over the microphone? Walk up and politely […]

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