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Structurflex: Growing Awareness in the U.S. Market

Structurflex began in New Zealand over 50 years ago as a sail-making company. Over time, the company evolved into an architectural and engineering firm providing the design, fabrication and installation of tensile structures and tensile facades, and opened their U.S. headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri.

In New Zealand, Structurflex is well-known. Although many of Structurflex’s projects are immediately recognizable in the U.S., the company name and its breadth of services were not. Because Structurflex in the U.S. did not have its own website and was instead part of the New Zealand site, Americans who did know the Structurflex name assumed that the company was located solely in New Zealand. Lack of awareness and mistaken assumptions were costing Structurflex business opportunities.

Creating Awareness of Structurflex and its Capabilities

We designed and developed a new, responsive website that was distinct from, but still had a relationship to, the New Zealand company. Large, hi-res project imagery easily conveys complex design approaches. The site navigation helps to explain the specific services offered and the types of materials used. The benefits to architects, engineers, artists, and developers are clearly articulated. Projects are cross-listed by industry, material type, and solution to convey the wide range of offerings. A detailed world map shows the locations of all Structurflex projects, highlighting their ability to work in any terrain and any climate. A customized SEO strategy and comprehensive social media plan help further expand awareness.

Increased Awareness

The public now knows that Structurflex works with a variety of architecture and engineering firms and has a better understanding for the specific services Structurflex provides. The new website has resulted in a record number of referrals and inquiries from qualified potential clients and project partners.