How a time-strapped law firm reinvigorated recruitment and generated client leads

Our client, a 15-person corporate law firm, had a website that had been created ten years ago as a placeholder until the firm could devote time to redeveloping their “real” site. As happens frequently in law firms, there was no additional free time; time is billable and client work always takes priority over marketing. The firm recognized that it needed a better “public face” both for recruitment and to give their clients confidence that they were in good hands. Even though most cases came to the firm through referrals, the firm also needed a stronger digital presence overall so that prospective clients who referred to the firm could check the firm’s credentials online before contacting the firm – as approximately 96% of people looking to qualify a lawyer or law firm will do. 

We first developed a website that had a modern look to it, to convey the firm’s modern approach to solving their clients’ problems. We wanted to overcome any pre-existing belief that lawyers don’t know how to communicate with “normal” people, so we used a very simple, streamlined design with large text. We focused the site content on being clear for non-lawyers while also including information helpful to legal professionals who are looking to refer clients to the firm or include the firm as part of a transaction team. The firm’s approach is rooted in the personal attention they give to their clients, so it was important to highlight the people who make up the firm. Individual pages for each attorney feature detailed bios with color headshots that help convey the personality of each attorney. Case summaries are presented clearly and with context to give prospective hires an idea of what kinds of transactions they could expect to work on.  

We conducted an extensive audit of anywhere the firm had been mentioned online in the past ten years, including blogs, press releases, articles, and charity events, adding relevant mentions and content to the firm’s website. We implemented press tracking for the firm and all of its transactions, and added a “press mentions” page to the website to post news in an easy-to-update system. 

The firm had been referred to incorrectly by several different names on the internet, so we also cleaned up and systematized how the firm is listed in online directories, including Google My Business and Bing Places. 

While many of the firm’s attorneys had LinkedIn profiles, the firm did not have a company page. We claimed and built out a dedicated firm profile page that contains accurate contact information, and we helped firm attorneys update – or create – their individual profiles to better reflect the breadth and depth of their experience.

Our work has increased the firm’s visibility online and grown awareness of their services, without taking billable time from firm attorneys.

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