What Can You Learn From a Website Audit?

Most business owners treat their web analytics package the same way they would a complicated brainteaser: as something interesting to peek at for a second, but ultimately not worth the time to figure out.

That can be a mistake for lots of reasons, most importantly because the information you get from and about your website could be the key to attracting more customers online. Luckily, you don’t have to spend hours per week looking “under the hood” on your web pages to figure out what’s happening online, or how you can improve. Instead, you just need a website audit from an experienced team.

A website audit, if you’ve never had one, works just like it sounds. It involves having a team of designers, programmers, and marketing specialists evaluate your pages in a comprehensive way to see what’s really going on with your web presence. During that process, you’ll get a lot of information and insight, such as:

Any Structural Problems With Your Website

There are a lot of little things that can go wrong with the website as it grows or is changed and updated. For example, pages can be removed, leaving links that go nowhere. Or, content and code that slows down page loading times can be inserted. These are issues that annoy customers and search engines alike, and are easy to find during a detailed website audit.

Strengths and Weaknesses in Your Web Content

In the end, the look of your site is important, but it’s your content that needs to convince visitors to stay on your pages, keep reading, or take action. During a website audit, we can evaluate the strength and clarity of your messaging to ensure that your most important benefits and marketing points are coming through loud and clear.

Where You Need to Add or Remove Web Pages

By studying web analytics, customer behavior, and our knowledge of sales funnels, an experienced web design and Internet marketing team can help you determine whether you have webpages that need to be added to your site… or conversely, if you have some pages or pieces of content that are getting in the way and actually preventing buyers from finding what they need.

How Customers Are Finding and Using Your Website

If you don’t know where your web visitors are coming from, then you can’t know what they have on their minds when they visit your website, or what they are really looking for when they arrive. Understanding the sources of web traffic, and the way it flows to your website, our key parts of the audit process.

How Your Site Stacks up Against Competitors

Of course, your website doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Your closest competitors are never farther than a mouse click away, which means you absolutely have to know what they’re up to. More importantly, you have to know why your website stands out, and what would convince someone to work with you instead of taking their business elsewhere.


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