Could Your Business Survive Without SEO?

Search engine optimization presents business owners and executives with a bit of a conundrum. On the one hand, there is no doubt that Google can be (and usually is) a top source web traffic. But on the other hand, Google search algorithms can be finicky, and competition is intense. So, while most companies desperately want traffic from the world’s largest search engine, they also know they shouldn’t be completely dependent upon it.

So, today we want you to ask yourself: could your business survive without search engine optimization? Could you continue to generate new revenue through your website if you suddenly disappeared from Google’s search listings?

Nobody we know wants to stop getting search traffic, but smart companies put themselves in a position to withstand a hit in new visits. That’s because they use tools like:

Paid Search and Social Advertising

Search engine optimization tends to be more profitable over time, but paid advertising – whether it’s on Google, another search engine, or a social media site – can be faster and more efficient. Plus, PPC advertising lets you test out different messages and concepts that can be applied to broader SEO campaigns later.

Email Marketing

It’s strange to think, but a lot of marketers seem to have forgotten just how powerful and efficient a good email newsletter campaign can be. Email messages cost next to nothing to send, can be perfectly segmented for different types of customers or geographic areas, and can provide an instant boost in sales or engagement. The key is putting together targeted messages that appeal to your most important groups of prospects.

Guest Posting Opportunities

Drawing in search engine visitors is a long process that can sometimes take a great deal of time, effort, and fresh content. Conversely, you can draw in hundreds or thousands of good potential customers at once – and get a valuable inbound link at the same time – by providing a guest post for someone else’s website. Submitting articles to the right destinations can be a great way to improve your profile and find new fans in a hurry.

Offline Marketing

It seems like we don’t talk much about offline marketing anymore, but it can still have a place in your promotional strategy. Some forms of print advertising and direct mail are still providing cost-effective results, month after month, for businesses of all sizes. And, with the right marketing pieces, you can even convince recipients to go online and visit your website or join your email newsletter distribution list.

In reality, your business is unlikely to disappear from Google’s search engine listings unexpectedly. But, by making the most of other channels, you can further enhance your search profile, and take advantage of some opportunities that your competitors might be ignoring.

In other words, to get the highest possible return from search engine optimization, you should sometimes plan for life without it.

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