Why Transparency Should Be a Part of Your Building Materials Marketing and Sales
Designers and project owners depend on the information provided by materials manufacturers to make decisions that can affect a lot of people.
Why It’s Important for Architects to Understand the Problems Your Building Materials Solve
If architects don’t know what your building products do and how they can help resolve issues, they won’t select them.
How Building Materials Firms Can Market with Limited Time
By focusing your efforts into small chunks of time, you can make progress on your marketing goals without sacrificing your other responsibilities.
For Building Materials, “Going Green” Isn’t a Quick Win
Appealing to project owners, architects, and contractors requires more than just a green label or adding “sustainable” to your product name. Claiming to be green is serious business.
Why Building Materials Firms Need a CRM
Successful materials firms use CRM systems to help them organize and personalize their marketing and sales processes.
Why Building Materials Firms Need to Market in a Boom Cycle
While working on marketing is a struggle when you’re busy, the fruits will pay off when the economy slows.
How Building Materials Companies Can Benefit from New Sales Approaches
Building materials historically relied on salespeople visiting customers at their business. Now there are more ways to reach potential customers than ever.
How Building Materials Firms Can Overcome Price Concerns
Saying that prices are high “just because” won’t go over well. You can still make the sale, but you have to make a strong case for why your product is worth it.
How Photography Can Support Building Materials Sales Efforts
Good product and project photography can help architects and owners understand what you offer, how it works, and how it would look in a finished building. In this post, we walk through what “good photography” means, what it can do for you, and how to get it.