8-Step Recharge Checklist for Law Firms

As you reframe your plans for 2020, we’ve created this eight-step checklist to help you recharge your law firm’s digital marketing, online presence, and visibility to prospective clients and colleagues.

  1. Are your printed presentation materials also available in digital format?
    Why this matters: People can receive materials via email or download wherever they are. Digital materials should be designed and produced in a digital-first format, so the text is readable, the images are crisp, and page breaks and margins are where they should be.
  2. Is your contact information up to date across the web?
    Why this matters: No matter how someone finds your firm online, they’ll be able to contact you by phone, email, or web.
  3. Can prospective clients and colleagues find you online if they search for your firm or the name of an attorney?
    Why this matters: People who are given your name or the name of an attorney will try to learn more about your firm, including your contact information, by searching on the web. 
  4. Is information about your firm accurate in Google My Business and Bing?
    Why this matters: People trust information on Google My Business and Bing, so they won’t always click through to your website to confirm it.
  5. If you have office policies that would need to be conveyed to people outside the firm (like clients or opposing counsel coming in for meetings), are those clearly communicated on your website?
    Why this matters: Providing accurate and helpful information helps reduce confusion and creates trust.
  6. Are firm attorneys on LinkedIn and are their bios up to date?
    Why this matters: LinkedIn pages are often among the first results when a prospective client searches for your firm online.
  7. Do you have a system in place for sharing case outcomes or firm news?
    Why this matters: News and case outcomes help prospective clients understand the work you do and the value you bring.
  8. Is contact information for the firm and for individual attorneys accurate on your website?
    Why this matters: Phone numbers might be temporarily different or attorneys may only be reachable by a cell number.

These are straightforward, tactical items that can help you take charge of your law firm’s marketing and better position you to be competitive.

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