12 Effective Law Firm Marketing Strategies

The online legal services industry is worth over $8 billion in the United States as of 2019 and it’s going to increase further. The legal industry is not like any other industry on the planet. Its emphasis on professionalism and confidentiality means that your marketing needs to be designed with particular care.

Yet despite the stringent requirements of marketing for lawyers, there are countless law firm marketing strategies that you can put into use online. We’re here to show you which strategies are worth using and which should be avoided.

Read on to find out more and start getting more clients.

1. Make Sure Your Website Looks Professional

The best law firm marketing strategies in the world won’t make any difference if your website doesn’t look professional. Visitors need to feel confident in your professionalism, and if your site looks old-fashioned or poorly designed, they could draw inferences about your ability to handle their legal matters.

Professional web design is the key to making a website that is as professional as you are. It’s one of the services we offer and you must not skip this important step.

You should focus on user-friendliness. Make sure your website loads quickly, that your services are prominent, that you feature case studies and, if permitted, testimonials, and that a visitor can get in touch with you without too much effort.

2. Make the Most of Free Marketing Opportunities

Marketing for lawyers doesn’t have to cost a great deal of money. Some opportunities are free and can give your website a boost.

For instance, look at Avvo: how do your firm and your lawyers rank on that site? Do you have a high rating that can attract more clients?

Another great free marketing opportunity is claiming free backlinks. If someone mentions your firm on their website or in a listings page, you should reach out and ask them if they would mind linking to your site. Not everyone will oblige, but the ones who do will help to give your site’s SEO a big boost.

3. Become an Authority

One of the best approaches to marketing your law firm is to demonstrate your firm’s position as an authority on a variety of legal subjects. There are two main benefits to this:

  1. Showing yourself to be an authority can make prospective clients more confident in your abilities and more willing to hire you.
  2. Becoming an authority and publishing authoritative content means that more people will link to you. This boosts your SEO.

Display your qualifications with pride. Demonstrate the value that you can offer to your clients. You should also feature an FAQ section where potential clients can find quick answers to common questions.

4. Don’t Neglect Your Mobile Site

If someone needs a lawyer, they could be searching on a variety of devices. You must not let your mobile site lay fallow. Instead, your mobile site needs to be as tightly designed as your desktop website.

This is important for more than visitor experience, too: Google puts a premium on how well your site functions on mobile devices with their mobile-first indexing system. If your site doesn’t perform well on mobile, you’ll suffer.

5. Make Good Use of Calls to Action

One of the most effective tools in your law firm marketing toolbox is the call to action (CTA). A call to action is not complex but it’s an essential part of converting more prospective clients into paying clients.

Which of these do you think is more effective: “to get in touch with us, click here” or “we’re ready to fight for you in court – get in touch with us”?

The latter is the better option here. They’re both calls to action but one of them demonstrates your value and offers people an incentive to get in contact with you. Make the best use of CTAs that you can: use well-crafted ones on your Contact page and at the end of your blog posts to drive the message home.

6. Run SEO Campaigns

Like in any other industry, a law firm has direct competitors. SEO can help you stand out from the competition. Most people never go past the first page of Google results, which means that if you’re not on the first page of results, you’re missing out on a ton of business.

Hire a professional SEO company like us to audit your site and make adjustments. We can tell you which keywords you should be targeting and which technical aspects of your site aren’t optimized for results.

An SEO campaign is an investment, but it’s one that can pay huge dividends in increased business opportunities.

7. Use Targeted Ads

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can get you results faster than SEO campaigns and they complement each other very well. PPC ad services like Google Adwords let you target your ads specifically, which means that you can target local clients or clients from a wider area as you need to.

PPC works by targeting keywords: when someone searches for a keyword (such as your area of practice + lawyer), your website will be featured prominently in the results.

You don’t pay anything unless someone clicks on the advert. This means that as long as your website is built to convert clients, the adverts should pay for themselves.

Depending on the ethics rules applicable to your practice, PPC ads may require disclaimers. Working with a firm that has familiarity in this area will help keep you compliant with the rules.

8. Social Media Marketing Should Not Be Avoided

When considering law firm marketing strategies it’s easy to think that social media marketing is somehow unprofessional, or not allowed under the ethics rules. Yet this could not be further from the truth. If you avoid marketing on social media, you’re losing out on many, many potential clients.

Social media allows you to share your subject matter knowledge and news about your practice with people who might not be looking immediately for an attorney, but who are interested in the topics you’re writing about. Capturing the attention of these individuals begins to foster long-term connections that can result in retainers or referrals.

Like Google AdWords, you can target specific audiences with paid social media. If, for instance, you specialize in contract law, you can target HR professionals and other businesspeople. If you specialize in elder law, you can target older people. You can also segment your audience by picking and choosing the social media platforms you target. For instance, Facebook tends to be more popular with older people, while Instagram skews more toward young people.

As with PPC, it’s important to work with a firm that has experience in digital advertising for law firms so that you don’t run afoul of ethics rules or the regulations of specific social media channels.

Creating a LinkedIn page is also a fantastic idea. This is particularly useful if your ideal prospective clients are businesses in need of legal services.

9. Consider Creating a Newsletter

A newsletter might sound like an unexpectedly old-school approach to marketing, yet it’s still a great approach today because it’s low-cost and gives you insights into who is interested in what you Utilize a strong CTA to encourage leads to sign up for your newsletter. This lets you send people regular updates and keep your firm top of mind, giving you a greater chance of being consulted or retained. It also lets you collect email addresses that you can use to continue to communicate about your firm.

10. Create Infographics For Your Site

If you want to make your site stand out from its rivals, a selection of infographics can go a long way. The problem with a lot of legal sites is that they’re dull. An infographic can improve engagement dramatically.

Compared to other forms of content marketing, infographics offer the best engagement available. They can display vital data and information without using a wall of text, which means that your audience is less likely to simply gloss over the information.

11. Get Involved With Professional Events

Word of mouth is an old-fashioned marketing method but it shouldn’t be discounted. If you want to grow awareness of your firm, having one of your lawyers speak at a professional event such as a conference or a seminar is a great way to start.

There’s another fantastic perk to speaking at professional events, too. Your lawyer and your firm will be mentioned on the agenda and on the website of the event. These can be turned into backlinks for your firm’s website.

Free backlinks are a huge boon to your website’s SEO. Make the most of speaking at professional events by capitalizing on these as well as word of mouth.

12. Use Video Marketing

If you are given the choice, would you rather engage with complex topics through text or video? If you answered “video,” you’re not alone. Video marketing is a great tool in your arsenal and something that should be used across your website.

A professional video that summarizes complex topics will be very helpful for prospective clients who may not know too much about the ins and outs of the law. They’re also a one-off expense: film a video or a selection of videos and they could be paying dividends to you several years down the line.

How to Put These Law Firm Marketing Strategies Into Practice

We’ve given you a range of law firm marketing strategies, so how should you go about putting these into play? Given that any time you spend on marketing is time you’re not billing, we’d recommend hiring professionals to ensure that you’re making marketing progress without compromising your bottom line.

Ready to see an improvement in your marketing? Don’t know where to start? We provide a full wide range of digital marketing services for professionals. Get in touch with us for a complimentary consultation!

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