Why Every Marketer Needs An Editorial Calendar

Have you ever found yourself needing a new blog post or marketing video while at the same time being completely devoid of inspiration? Or, does your content strategy represent a mismatched stream of seemingly unconnected thoughts and ideas? While these might seem to be very different content marketing problems – one has to do with […]

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Turning Your Sales Funnel Into a Content Strategy

It’s amazing how, in the world of online marketing and lead generation, so many little issues and stumbling blocks can all be traced back to the same source. For instance, we occasionally see organizations with two seemingly different problems – one group has trouble coming up with new content; the other has lots of content […]

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Why Its Crucial to Track Online Marketing Success

Is your website profitable? Are your online campaigns successful? How sure are you of your answers to these questions? We speak with business owners and executives every week who are enthralled by the possibilities of search engine optimization, social media, pay-per-click marketing, and other tools, but aren’t doing a good job of keeping score when […]

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Using Posts to Update Your Google My Business Profile

Before the digital age revolutionized marketing for small and local businesses, creating a profile was a risky proposition. You had to generate one listing (usually a few lines that went in the Yellow Pages), and then hope what you included would do the job for the coming months or years. Now, customers can see everything […]

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Are You Speaking Your Customers Language?

The words you use in your business matter. That isn’t just because content can be persuasive, or because Google “reads” everything you post looking for searchable terms and phrases. Those details are important, but we’re referring to something more basic. If you call products or services by different terms than the ones your customers use, […]

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How Well Do You Understand Website Performance?

If you’ve taken a car or truck in for dealer servicing at any point in the last decade, you’ve probably been given some kind of report card at the end of your visit. Even if you brought your auto in for routine maintenance, you probably got scores that showed you how things looked with your […]

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Using Content to Sell Architectural, Engineering, & Construction

We work with a lot of architects, engineers, and construction companies throughout the Kansas City area. One thing we have noticed about them over the years is that they tend to prefer websites that are heavy on images but light on content. That makes perfect sense, at least on the surface. Usually, when someone is […]

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Your Small Business Website Tune-up Guide

How to Optimize Your Pages for Search and Conversions in 2018 for a successful Website Tune-up Do you ever feel like you aren’t getting the bottom line results from your website you hoped for? Does it sometimes seem as if your site looks great, but isn’t actually helping you to grow your business? Or, did […]

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3 Reasons Why Reputation Management Matters

For businesses in the hospitality space (including restaurants, bars, and hotels), “reputation management” is a familiar concept. Reputation management is, essentially, the process of shaping public opinion. For many companies, this conjures up visions of giant press war rooms with throngs of public relations professionals firing off press releases. In reality, modern reputation management means […]

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7 Deadly Sins of Architecture Marketing

The digital era provides a wealth of opportunities for architecture practices to be more nimble and to communicate more effectively. However, like any tool, digital opportunities can be misused and abused. This guide for architecture marketing highlights some common challenges. Behold: the Seven Deadly Sins of Architecture Marketing: Gluttony You know the architecture portfolio website […]

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