Are you capturing as many online leads as you could be? Most businesses aren’t.

To the average marketer, a website visit ends in one of two ways: a conversion (a sale or informational request) or with the prospect leaving without anything having been gained. What if there was something between these either-or options? What if you could take advantage of the fact that someone was interested enough to come to your website and check out your information, but not yet ready to make a purchase or commitment?

As it turns out, there are tools you can use to follow up with potential buyers. In fact, you’ve probably been targeted by them dozens of times this week. Have you ever placed an item in an online shopping cart and then abandoned the page? If so, you probably noticed ads and reminders beckoning you to come back and finish your order.

In the world of online marketing, we call this retargeting or audience capturing. Here’s what you need to know to make it work for you…

Audience Capturing Starts With a Destination Page

The first step is finding one or more pages on your website that represent distinct destinations. These could be specific product pages, case studies, shopping carts, or some other point. What matters is that visiting the page tells you something about the prospect and their intentions.

Once you pick out a destination, you can add tags and codes that help you to sort visitors into categories. So, if they arrived at a certain area of your site, you can recognize they have a certain interest or challenge they are researching.

Follow on Marketing Stokes Interest

After you have figured out your destinations and added the right code, you’re ready to try retargeting. This simply means you use Google, Facebook, or other platforms to show ads to the prospect who come to your pages.

As you might imagine, these individuals are much more likely to ultimately purchase something from you than others would be. After all, they were interested enough to come to your site and do some research in the first place. If you can stay on the top of their minds, or hit them with an incredible offer at the right moment, they could be willing to take the next step.

Retargeting Messages Can Be Tightly Focused

The beauty in setting up these types of campaigns is that they can be narrowed in on very specific offers and messaging. You already know a lot about the buyer and their needs, so you can present them with the right message to seal the deal.

Instead of casting a wide net to lots of different buyer types, you can utilize user history to ensure you have the perfect pitch at just the right time. In that way, adding just a little bit of precision to your website can have a very big payoff over time.

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