Our Process

We value true partnerships with our clients. We’re invested in our clients’ success and we approach every engagement with the goal of a long-term relationship. Here’s how we do it.

Our Four-Step Process

We do a complete audit of your digital presence and meet with your “project stakeholders” – this means anyone who needs to be involved in making decisions or giving approvals. We ask you a lot of questions, including things like what problems you’re trying to solve, what’s working and not working with your current marketing, what your current business challenges are, and where the marketing skills gaps might be if you have an internal team. We also audit your competitors, both the companies you identify and the companies that people might be confusing you with or looking at instead of you.

We use your answers to help craft an initial strategy. We review that together, you ask questions, and we ask more questions.

Using all of this information, we create a strategy that is designed uniquely for you.