7 Easy Ways to Use Facebook for Your Business

Facebook is becoming a more and more important platform for businesses who want to reach out to new customers. But, a lot of business owners don’t really know how to move from the daily posting they do to interact with friends and family members to a place where they can use the world’s most popular social platform as a marketing tool.

To help make that easier, today we want to offer seven easy tips you can use to promote your business over Facebook…

#1 Make Your Profile Look Credible

Your company’s Facebook page is the social equivalent of a Main Street storefront. It’s the first thing potential fans or customers see, and it needs to make the right impression if you want them to hang around. That means using professional pictures, custom banners, and a hand-picked username.

#2 Post and Engage Daily

You don’t have to spend a lot of time on Facebook to engage with buyers, but you should try to post something every day and respond to any questions or requests that come in. It’s a good idea to thank people who like or share your content, as well, since this encourages them to do so again in the future.

#3 Use Videos and Images

There’s nothing wrong with typing a quick status update for your business, but remember that people tend to notice (and share) photos and videos more than anything else. So, if you want to win the attention of your customers, and have them spread your social content around for you, consider marketing through images instead of words.

#4 Add the Right Hashtags

Although Twitter’s search function relies more heavily on hashtags than Facebook’s platform does, they still factor into viewership. So, if you can tag your posts or ideas with the right labels, you have a much greater chance that your most important prospects are going to see them.

#5 Make Better Use of Pages Within Your Profile

You’ll want to have a dedicated Facebook page for your company, of course, but don’t forget that you can also launch new pages for individual events, brands, or products. Sometimes, putting everything you have around a certain promotion in one place can be helpful, especially if you want to keep it separate from your other products and services.

#6 Ask for More Reviews

Perhaps the best thing about social media marketing is that you can get your best customers to leave you positive feedback that other buyers are likely to see. So, if you have committed friends and fans that you know will be happy to say good things about you, ask them to do so on your Facebook page.

#7 Boost Your Best Content

Boosting posts is a way to advertise your best content and be sure that it’s seen by key audiences. While you certainly don’t want to boost every post (that could get expensive), it’s a great way to draw attention to your most interesting ideas and important promotions.

Gaining fans and customers through Facebook isn’t that difficult, but it does require a different approach than the one you would take in managing your personal profiles.

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