5 Ways LinkedIn Affects Your Online Marketing

Marketers often think of LinkedIn as a social media afterthought, which is kind of ironic given that it’s the one social platform that’s actually devoted to business and networking. But, because LinkedIn content isn’t typically as entertaining as what you’d find on Facebook or Twitter, as examples, it just isn’t regarded in the same way.

That’s too bad, because the quality of your LinkedIn profile can affect your online marketing campaigns in a handful of different ways. Here are just five of the most important…

#1 LinkedIn Profiles Rank Highly on Google – Google trusts LinkedIn, and rates individual profiles highly within its search engine rankings. That means anyone who looks up your name in a search box is likely to find your profile near the top of the results – and possibly ahead of your own website and bio.

#2 LinkedIn Can Help You Generate Referrals – LinkedIn makes it very easy to share contacts and referrals. So, if someone wants to recommend you to a friend, family member, or colleague, all they have to do is click a button. Of course, what that third party sees in your profile may well determine if they’ll make an effort to contact you or not.

#3 People Look to LinkedIn for Supporting Info – When potential customers hear from you in the real world, they may be interested but skeptical. LinkedIn gives them a good platform to see if your business is legitimate, to find out whether you have any contacts in common, and to discover whether or not anyone notable has endorsed your work.

#4 You Can Publish Articles to LinkedIn – As powerful as LinkedIn’s connection features are, its LinkedIn Pulse newsletter can be even more valuable to marketers who produce great content. Share a few particularly strong ideas and your article could be designated as an editor favorite. If that happens, it might be delivered to tens of thousands of subscribers at once.

#5 LinkedIn Can Help You Keep an Eye on the Market – LinkedIn offers several industry and professional forums that you can use to trade insights and observations or network with other leaders. These can be particularly good ways to see what your customers, vendors, and colleagues have on their minds from one month to the next.

If you haven’t been paying as much attention as you should to your LinkedIn profile and all it can do for your company, now is the perfect time to see what a difference the right focus can make. Let our creative team set you in the right direction and find out what happens when you’re using the best social networking site around to grow your business.

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