5 Bad Internet Marketing Habits to Break in 2016

We all have bad habits we wish we didn’t keep. The great thing about flipping the calendar to a new year, though, is that it gives us the chance to shake off old routines and behaviors, replacing them with better ones.

That doesn’t just apply to our personal lives, but also our businesses. That’s important, because hanging onto the wrong Internet marketing habits can cost you customers and leave you wasting time and money every month. As 2016 moves into full swing, here are five habits we encourage you say goodbye to:

Bad Habit #1: Leaving Your Blog Empty

An unused blog tells Google that your website isn’t worth crawling, and gives visitors the impressoin you don’t have anything new or interesting to say. Neither of those is a good look, and won’t help youattract new customers.

Make it your goal to post something to your blog at least once a week. All those new pages will improve your credibility and have a big impact on your search engine optimization campaigns over time.

Bad Habit #2: Using Your Email List for Sales Messages Only

Email newsletters can be great for drumming up new sales, or visits to a targeted landing page. But, if your messages contain outright marketing offers – and nothing else – you’ll find subscribers won’t read them very often.

When composing your email newsletters, throw in the occasional article or insight. It will improve interest and readership in the short term, which helps you get more sales over the long run.

Bad Habit #3: Airing Personal Gripes on Your Business Social Accounts

On social media, the distinction between personal and professional isn’t as sharp as it would be elsewhere. But at the same time, going too far with your personal gripes, or bringing them up too often, can harm your credibility as a marketer.

Be careful about saying anything that might come back to haunt you, especially as it relates to customers, employees, or competitors. And, it’s usually safer to stay away from topics like religion and politics if you don’t want to alienate buyers.

Bad Habit #4: Ignoring Your Web Analytics

Your web analytics package tells you exactly what’s going on with your website, and which pages or ideas your customers are responding to. By spending a few minutes with the numbers once a week, you can get a much clearer picture of what’s going on with your web presence.

Web analytics can seem intimidating until you get to know which stats and charts are important. Once you do, however, your dashboard can tell you a lot about what you need to do to optimize your campaigns going forward.

Bad Habit #5: Working Without the Right Expertise

Successful Internet marketing campaigns require a mixture of expertise, commitment, and creativity. There are always new ideas to try and best practices to stay on top of. For that reason, getting help and advice from experienced team that will get to know your company is always a good investment… and one that’s likely to pay for itself again and again over time.

A new year means new opportunities – and a chance to start achieving the kinds of bottom-line results you had always hoped for with Internet marketing. Is 2016 going to be the year you shed bad habits and start seeing your sales improve?

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