4 Reasons Content Is Crucial to Your Online Marketing Strategy

It would be very difficult, if not outright impossible, to build a profitable internet marketing strategy that wasn’t built on the power of compelling content. Unless you have webpages, articles, videos, and emails that are informative, well-written, and persuasive, you’re going to struggle to attract visitors to your website… much less turn them into buyers.

A lot of business owners and executives understand this intuitively, but still balk at devoting the time or money needed to create great content. That’s unfortunate, because they are sabotaging their own efforts. To help you understand why, let’s look at four reasons content is a crucial part of your online marketing strategy…

#1 You Can’t Get Search Traffic Without Content

Your website can’t help you produce new leads and sales without visitors, and it’s incredibly difficult to get visitors if you don’t have fresh content on your website. Google will ignore you in many cases if you don’t have an active blog, and even pay-per-click campaigns will suffer (through low Quality Scores and minimal engagement) if you don’t have plenty of content to show off to potential visitors. If you want buyers to find you, then it’s probably going to take a steady stream of words and images.

#2 Social Media Runs on Content, Too

Social media marketing is quickly becoming every bit as important as search engine optimization ever was. But, even though the balance of power has shifted somewhat – from keyword-heavy text to engaging images and videos – these still have to be built upon, and backed by, lots of original content. Otherwise, you’re going to have lots of views and interest, but very little in the way of real-world results.

#3 Content Converts Visitors into Buyers

Although we hinted at this in the last point, it’s time to say it outright: All the attention and social engagement in the world isn’t going to do anything for your business if you can’t turn fans and searchers into buyers. And that, of course, is the job of your web content. Whether you’re looking to inform prospects about your products and services, or persuade them to take action, you need the right words and messaging in place.

#4 Content Disqualifies Prospects Who Aren’t a Great Fit

There is one more huge benefit to having great web content that often gets overlooked. The more of it you have on your website, the easier it is for buyers to tell whether their needs are a good match for what you offer. In other words, you can actually prevent people who are likely to waste your time and energy so they can find a better match for their needs by providing them with the resources they need to disqualify themselves as clients or customers for your company.

You could think of content as the jet fuel that gets your website off the ground and keeps it cruising at a high altitude. Or, you could consider it the calories that your online marketing plan has to consume to keep moving forward at peak energy and fitness. No matter which analogy you prefer, the fact of the matter is that you simply can’t get by without having content that’s compelling, timely, and original.

If you haven’t been producing articles, white papers, and other materials that are helping you to attract visitors, increase the size of your social following, and convert qualified prospects into buyers, get started today. Or better yet, call Graphicmachine in Kansas City and let us help you get moving in the right direction!

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