4 Internet Marketing Tools Too Many Businesses Ignore

Internet marketing and basic human psychology often intersect, and interact, in a number of interesting ways. One of these is our (understandable) tendency to pay attention to things that are new and exciting, even at the risk of overlooking the obvious.

You see this all the time in our industry, where business owners – not to mention web designers – will rave about the newest social platform or hot idea, all while ignoring tried-and-true marketing tools that deliver results month after month. It’s a classic forests-and-trees situation, but one that’s easy to fall into. The basics just aren’t that exciting.

That doesn’t mean they aren’t effective, though. In fact, there are a few tools just about every business should be putting to good use on a regular basis. To help you understand why, here are four internet marketing tools far too many businesses ignore…

#1 Email Newsletters

Email newsletters might be the most underrated internet marketing tools around. They allow you to contact customers, fans, and prospects instantly, with the exact message you choose, and for pennies a day. If you can put together messages that are interesting to your readers and have a sales edge, then you can be almost guaranteed that each and every message you send is going to generate a consistent return. Start building your list of subscribers and refining your email messaging today!

#2 Online Press Releases

Press releases have lost some of their prestige in the last few years, as they’ve gone from being a way to alert the local media about interesting events to an overused SEO tactic. However, a well-timed, written, and delivered press release can still bring you attention from local media, national outlets, and even online distribution points. If you can pack your release with actual ideas, and not just keywords, you could be surprised at what kind of response they’ll generate, and the attention that will come back to your company.

#3 Local Review Websites

Local review websites – and especially Yelp or TripAdvisor – can provide an enormous boost to your online marketing. When potential buyers see that other customers have had great things to say about your business, it makes them more comfortable working with you. And, because these websites are trusted by Google, the profiles you have on their pages may actually show up in the search engine listings above your own website, meaning it might be the first thing new customers see when they go online.

#4 Their Own Blogs

Your blog is a great for spreading industry news, highlighting particular products or services, and enhancing your search engine visibility. You can even use your blog to drive traffic to your landing pages or social profiles. So, why don’t more marketers take advantage? They simply never make the time to sit down and write a few insightful posts. Start adding more content to your website, and you’ll have a much easier time drawing visitors to your pages.

Take this article as a reminder to integrate these four tactics into your internet marketing campaigns if you aren’t already. They might not be as new or flashy as a lot of the other things we write about and discuss, but they get the job done in a proven, cost-effective way.

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