3 Ways Visitors Instantly Judge Your Website

Every year, business owners and executives spend big money on new websites, feeling confident that they’re coming away with a finished product that’s creative, engaging, and cutting edge. And every year, many of those same websites fail to make any kind of impact, with potential customers leaving after just a few seconds, never to return.

How can that be?
The mystery answer is that visitors are judging your website – even if they aren’t doing it consciously – on three different criteria from the moment your page starts loading:

#1 Does Your Website Make You Seem Credible?

On the Internet, no one knows who you are. That’s not a great thing, especially when you’re trying to get potential customers to trust you. Having a clean, professional layout can go a long way toward building your credibility, while a website that looks like it was put together by amateurs doesn’t say anything good about your company.

The same goes for details like images and grammar. If what’s on your website isn’t helping you look better, it’s probably making you look worse.

#2 Is Your Website Easy to Use?

Have you ever been to a website where it was hard to find the information you were looking for? Of course you have. And you probably haven’t been back.

Usability is a very big topic in web design, even though the concept of making websites as easy as possible to use is very straightforward. Often, designers and their clients go so overboard trying to be “cutting edge” that they lose sight of the fact that customers want to be able to locate things like product details and contact information quickly.

#3 Does Your Website Provide Actionable Next Steps?

If the visitor likes what they see on your website and wants to take the next step, are there obvious ways for them to do so? A surprisingly high number of websites lack a clear call to action (like a phone number or a button that says, “Get in touch with us now”).

If you aren’t willing to tell online visitors where to go next, how long before they start looking for an answer on your competitor’s website?

When your website fails to deliver in any of these three areas, visitors come away frustrated or unimpressed… even though they often couldn’t tell you why. So if you want to keep potential buyers on your pages – and eventually earn some of their hard-earned money – make sure you and your web design team don’t overlook any of these details during the layout and revision process.

The best websites have a professional look, intuitive navigation, and a natural flow that takes a first-time visitor from one topic or idea to the next. If you feel like your website is coming up short in any of these areas, it’s time to talk to a member of our team today and see how we can help.

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