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3 Reasons Why Reputation Management Matters

/ October 23, 2017

For businesses in the hospitality space (including restaurants, bars, and hotels), “reputation management” is a familiar concept. Reputation management is, essentially, the process of shaping public opinion. For many companies, this conjures up visions of giant press war rooms with throngs of public relations professionals firing off press releases. In reality, modern reputation management means managing the online perception of a company, namely through the comments and reviews that are left by clients and customers. Think this doesn’t have anything to do with your business? Here are three reasons why having a reputation management plan is important for professional service businesses:

For professional service providers like accountants, architects, engineers, dentists, and doctors, great reputation management is having a follow-up contact with your clients. It’s an opportunity to find out about and fix any rough spots before they become lingering issues.

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