3 Reasons to Get an SEO Consultation (Even if You Don’t Need It)


One of the first things we recommend, when we talk to a new client about Internet marketing, is that they let us perform a search engine optimization audit of their existing website, followed by a consultation where we discussed the results. While most business owners and executives get a lot out of this process, we sometimes meet with resistance when we bring it up. Why don’t some clients want an SEO consultation? Usually, it’s because they think they don’t need one.

This usually comes up when a business is already enjoying a decent search engine ranking for their most important keywords, or when they think they are so convinced they can’t improve their search engine positioning they feel like there’s no point in trying.

Neither of these situations is permanent, though. In fact, here are three reasons we think you should get an SEO consultation even if you don’t think you need one…

#1 You’ll Get New Information and a Different Perspective

These days, it is not uncommon for us to meet with business owners or managers who understand the fundamentals of SEO. They get that achieving a higher rank on Google means adding new content, paying attention to search phrases, and generating inbound links to a website.

What many of them don’t realize, though, is that search engine optimization is constantly changing and evolving. Having a team of experts who know the trends and can look at your pages with fresh eyes is almost always going to be beneficial for that reason.

#2 You’re Competitors Might be Closer Than You Think

Because Google and the other search engines are placing such a high priority on current content and contextual matching, it is easier than ever to improve your search engine visibility (at least in some ways). That means your competitors could be closer than you might imagine online.

If you already enjoy a high search engine ranking, you might be surprised to find another business appear in the listings “out of nowhere.” Conversely, if you are lagging behind your closest competitors, it could be easier than you think to catch them. Devising a strategy to get ahead or stay ahead starts with an SEO audit.

#3 You Might be Missing More Than You Think

Aside from the ongoing changes in search engine algorithms and SEO best practices, it’s important to notice that search trends themselves change over time. That is, some of your potential customers might be using search strings you aren’t even aware of. That’s especially true in the age of increased online competition and mobile, voice-assisted search apps.

As part of your search engine optimization audit, your creative team can evaluate your traffic sources, along with search volume for related terms, to be sure you aren’t missing out on opportunities. Why risk losing new sales simply because you aren’t sure where to look?

If you want to get more customers coming to your website through Google and the other search engines– or simply keep the traffic you’re already getting flowing in the right direction – then an SEO consultation is a good first step.

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